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Super Bowl Halftime Show 2013 is Beyonce at 8:15pm EST

Super Bowl Halftime Show is Beyonce at 8:15pm EST

This year the Super Bowl halftime show's stage will be graced with Beyoncé and her live band. The official start time of the NFL Halftime show has not been revealed but with the game starting at 6:30pm EST, it puts the Beyoncé half time show at about 8:15pm EST. For people in other timezones that would put Super Bowl 47's halftime show at 8:15pm ESt, 7:15pm CST, 6:15pm MST and 5:15pm PST.

Other surprise guests that could be performing tonight will be the members of Destiny's Child, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. It was revealed in a US Magazine report that multiple sources said they would be performing alongside Beyonce. The songs that the Destiny's Child group will most likely perform are "Survivor" and "Bills, Bills, Bills." In an interview with WRUG Michelle Williams said, “I hate to disappoint the people and tell them it’s not true,” she said. “Just thinking about it gives me a headache. It seems quite impossible because of our own schedules.”

One other surprise guest that could show up but has not been confirmed is husband Jay-Z. The song that Jay-Z and Beyoncé could end up performing would be the "Crazy In Love" hit. The combination of husband and wife on the Superbowl Halftime show however is not confirmed.

Beyoncé has done a great job at providing behind the scenes reveals through YouTube of her Super Bowl performing experience. There are three videos that were made public on her YouTube channel: beyonce. The first video that was made available was titled, "Beyoncé Super Bowl Halftime Show Rehearsal: Day 1", the next titled, "Beyoncé Super Bowl Halftime Show Rehearsal: Day 2" and the last titled, "Beyoncé Super Bowl Halftime Show, New Orleans: Day 3."

Beyonce Backup Singers Superbowl 2013

In the first video choreography of Beyonce's dance team is shown progressing in their rehearsal area. The second video published on January 31st, 2013 shows Beyoncé's background singers practicing and harmonizing while on a stage with a camera in front them laughing back and forth. The third video is more personal with an intro of music and images and video of New Orleans, LA with the towns colors, people and surroundings. The video goes into a voice narrative of Beyoncé talking about her journey. Beyoncé is seen saying, "I was looking at the Superdome and I felt very proud because I know this is my legacy." Beyoncé goes on to say, "I'm really happy to send this out, I'm happy that it's close to home. I spent many car rides coming to New Orleans from Texas, so it feels nice to be where my family is from, Louisiana. It's kind of like everything is coming back full circle."

Super Bowl 47 Mercedes-Benz Superdome

In an in depth interview with Rich Eisen and Deion Sanders Beyonce reveals few secrets about her Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show in Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The talk between Mr. Sanders and Mr. Eisen often eluded to potential additions to half time show that might be there. There was never anyone revealed but Beyoncé did talk about how she chose the set list of songs to be performed at the Super Bowl. Beyoncé told the guys interviewing her, "The hardest thing was figuring out what I was going to perform." It was difficult because I want to give all the fans all of the songs they love, but it's only 12 minutes."

Beyoncé Super Bowl Halftime Show Rehearsal: Day 1

Beyoncé Super Bowl Halftime Show Rehearsal: Day 2

Beyoncé Super Bowl Halftime Show, New Orleans: Day 3

Beyoncé on "Super Bowl Live"

Beyoncé joins Rich Eisen and Deion Sanders on "Super Bowl Live" to talk about what we can expect from her halftime performance.

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  1. Worst half time show ever!!!!!!!

  2. Beyonce is total crap!!!!! You can't tell what the hell she is singing. Dresses like garbage!!!

  3. Beyonce is total crap!!!!! You can't tell what the hell she is singing.

  4. Super bowl half time show by Beyonce was just Ok. Nothing spectacular..

  5. you guy dont hate on beyonce u all are just so jelocus u dont have a girl like tat face it shes beter tan u trick and you all wish u had girlfreinds like that

  6. Beyonce Was GREAT! (:
    Great singer and dancer!
    She did an amazing job.