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Super Bowl Power Outage in Mercedes-Benz Superdome Is Being Repaired [video]

Super Bowl 47 Power Outage

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, LA experienced a major power outage after the Super Bowl Half time appearance by Beyonce. The loss of power at the game was so bad that the announcers revealed what had happened and then sent viewers on CBS to commercials.

The scoreboards, top lighting and other signs went into a full blackout while fans were sitting in the Superdome stadium. Reports are still coming in about the causes of the power outage in the stadium as players pace back and forth on the sidelines.

The NFL is working feverishly to bring the power back up. Players have now realized that the delay is going to take awhile and are finding ways to stay loose. The announcers are trying for find ways to explain the massive power outage as the game airs live on CBS Entertainment. Coaches are trying to find organization on the sidelines and getting them to strech and stay focused on the game.

The Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers sit at a score of 28 (Ravens) to 6 (49ers). The lights are starting to power back on at this moment and people are awaiting an explanation. It has been reemphasized that everyone is safe and there is backup lighting to keep some type of illumination in the stadium as fans and players figure out when they will get to resume the Super Bowl XLVII.

Update: The San Francisco 49ers have experienced this before during the regular NFL season before. It is reported that it could be at least 15 minutes before the lights come back on.

Update #2: People are saying at USA Today, "As soon as halftime show was over, a smoke alarm started going off inside the press box, in a hallway next to the AFC coaches box. Superdome staff was scrambling to fix the issue during halftime."

Update #3: The NFL League spokesman announced on CBS that another 15 minutes will be needed to get all of the lights back on in Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, LA.

Update #4: Twitter has a trending hashtag that is following the SuperBowl blackout that is #Superbowlblackout, #Poweroutage, #Lightsout, Allofthelights. These are all connected to the search for you to stay up on the breaking power outage event at the Super Bowl.

Update #5: ESPN has released some statements from Local New Orleans Police officials. They say, " too much electricity was being pumped into the Superdome, causing a surge, and the power is in the process of returning to the building." The New Orleans Fire Department has stated the the fire department is investigating a smell of gas near an elevator number eight.

Social Media chatter unfolds about the Super Bowl Power Outage:




From Twitpic on Twitter this is a animated GIF on what it looks like when the power goes out at the Super Bowl:

GIF: Here's what it looks like when the power goes out a... on Twitpic

We found video provided by someone that was a fan at the Super Bowl XLVII that uploaded live video of the Super Bowl going into darkness. The video is below, if you have you own video please comment and let us know and we'll add it to this article.

Power goes out at the 2013 Super Bowl - Super bowl Blackout Power Outage RAW VIDEO

Power goes out at the 2013 Super Bowl Super bowl Blackout Power Outage RAW VIDEO

Super Bowl Power Outage Humor we saw on Twitter that made us laugh:


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