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What time does the Super Bowl start? XLVII Kickoff is 6:30pm EST

What Time Does the Super Bowl Start

Everyone wants to know what time is the Super Bowl 2013 game? The Super Bowl XLVII will be starting after all the pre-game coverage tonight at 6:30pm EST, 5:30pm CST, 4:30pm MST, 3:30pm PST in the United States on CBS. For those with an HD TV you'll be able to get the broadcast in 1080p / 1080i for crystal clear quality of the New Orleans stadium.

Just like NBC last year, CBS will be allowing you to watch the Super Bowl 47 LIVE online at CBS's new live streaming page at CBSSports.com. There will be social tracking and conversation that you can participate in with a real-time Twitter stream too.

Super Bowl Kick Off Countdown Clock:

If you're excited to start watching NFL Superbowl coverage of the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers you don't need to wait at all. There are behind the scenes interviews, sports analyst picks and talks about Super Bowl commercials streaming now with pre-game coverage at CBSSports.com all day today.

While your amazing High Definition TV may be the best place to watch Super Bowl 47 this year, there are some advantages to streaming it online. Choosing your own Super Bowl game camera angle can get some NFL diehards really excited. This year a new "all 22" camera angle will give every viewer the ability to have the entire field in one shot. Typically NFL coaches are the only people that get this angle to monitor game play.

The other camera angle that seems very interesting is a dedicated camera man called the "Fan Choice" angle selection. Throughout the Super Bowl game viewers will be able to vote on the four rare camera angles to be the one everyone gets in the live online stream of the Super Bowl match off.

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