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Czech Inspectors Report Horse Meat Found in IKEA Meatballs

IKEA Meatballs Horse

Inspectors in the Czech Republic said on Monday that they found horse meat evidence in IKEA's frozen meatballs.

The horse meat was found in one-kilogram packs of the frozen meat balls made in Sweden and shipped to the Czech Republic for sale in Ikea stores, the State Veterinary Administration said. A total of 760 kilograms (1,675 pounds) of meat balls were stopped from reaching the shelves.

K├Âttbullar Swedish meatballs had become a favorite among IKEA customers. The company announced that meatballs from the affected batch of meatballs had also been sent to Ikea stores in Slovakia, Hungary, France, the UK, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and the Republic of Ireland.

Thankfully for U.S. customers, the affected product was sold as a packaged beef and pork item in more than a dozen European countries but not in the U.S.

In a statement, Ikea said that all meatballs sold to the Ikea U.S. stores are sourced from an American supplier and "contain only beef and pork from animals raised in the U.S. and Canada."

"Customer confidence is of the utmost importance to Ikea," IKEA said in the statement. "Ikea is committed to serving and selling high quality food that is safe, healthy and produced with care for the environment and the people who produce it. We do not tolerate any other ingredients than the ones stipulated in our recipes or specifications, secured through set standards, certifications and product analysis by accredited laboratories."

Authorities across Europe have started to do random DNA checks after horse meat was found in frozen supermarket meals such as burgers and lasagna beginning last month. The Czech authority also found horse meat in beef burgers imported from Poland during random tests of food products.

Czech Inspectors Find Horsemeat in IKEA Meatballs

A batch of meatballs pulled from shelves at IKEA stores after Czech inspectors discovered they contained horsemeat had been on sale in several European countries, the company's Czech spokesman said on Monday.

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