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Hawaii Ranked Happiest State to Live in according to Gallup Poll

Happiest States

Hawaii was ranked the healthiest and happiest state in the nation for the fourth year in a row. Are you really surprised though? Warm water, beach life, and nature all around seems like a good life to me. Only down side to Hawaii would be the price of certain things.

These results were based on telephone interviews conducted by Gallup from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2012, with a random sample of 353,564 Americans, ages 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

Hawaiians were the most likely to say they were "thriving," which gave them the highest score on Life Evaluation. They were almost the most likely to say they smiled or laughed a lot during the day before the survey.

To get the ranks and to understand state of well-being, Gallup asked Americans different measures of questions. Residents were asked to rate their state on the various measures of well-being on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 representing the ideal.

They relied on six measures: life evaluation which is a self-evaluation about your present life situation and the future of life five years from now; emotional health and work environment, such as job satisfaction; physical health; healthy behavior; and basic access to health care, a doctor, a safe place to exercise and walk, and community satisfaction.

“The lack of progress among the states with the lowest well-being scores may be related to low household income levels in these states. Nearly all of the states with the lowest well-being scores in 2012 are also states with the lowest median household incomes,” the survey authors write.

In West Virginia, they were least likely to say they were thriving and the most likely to report depression. They also had the lowest emotional health and physical health, all of which kept the state at the very bottom of the list.

Top 10 states and their average well-being scores with 100 points being the highest:

  • Hawaii: 71.1
  • Colorado: 69.7
  • Minnesota: 68.9
  • Utah: 68.8
  • Vermont: 68.6
  • Nebraska: 68.5
  • Montana: 68.5
  • New Hampshire: 68.4
  • Iowa: 68.1
  • Massachusetts: 68.1

The bottom 11 states:

  • South Carolina: 65.2
  • Oklahoma: 65.2
  • Nevada: 65.2
  • Indiana: 65.1
  • Louisiana: 64.7
  • Ohio: 64.6
  • Alabama: 64.2
  • Arkansas: 64.1
  • Tennessee: 64.0
  • Mississippi: 63.6
  • Kentucky: 62.7
  • West Virginia: 61.3

Jim Pope, a cardiologist and chief science officer at Healthways told USA Today, "the economic downturn has put a lot of stress on a lot of people. In response, people often adopt unhealthy behaviors that fuel a downward spiral in well-being, all leading to lower productivity and ultimately a higher cost of medical care."

Pope says that states can use this study to help change their communities. "Some places like Iowa, North Texas and several beach cities in California are already doing this," he says. "Businesses in collaboration with the government are working to create a healthier, more productive workforce to come up with a healthier community and state."

Joe Burgo, a psychologist who wrote Why Do I Do That? says, "While most of us don't have the option of moving to one of those states that has a higher sense of well-being, we can do what we can to alter our immediate environment to get as close as possible to those conditions."

I say, let's all just move to Hawaii.

Happiest States to Live in
Image Source: USA Today Frank Pompa

Hawaii Happiest State to Live in

Happiest Man In America Lives in Hawaii

A man from Hawaii can claim the title after a nationwide poll interviewed close to a million people.

Here's a look at the overall state rankings based on how residents described their sense of well being in 2012:

1. Hawaii

2. Colorado

3. Minnesota

4. Utah

5. Vermont

6. Montana

7. Nebraska

8. New Hampshire

9. Iowa

10. Massachusetts

11, Maryland

12. South Dakota

13. Wyoming

14. Virginia

15. Washington

16. Connecticut

17. Kansas

18. California

19. North Dakota

20. Wisconsin

21. Maine

22. Idaho

23. Arizona

24. Oregon

25. New Mexico

26. Delaware

27. Texas

28. Illinois

29. Pennsylvania

30. New York

31. Alaska

32. New Jersey

33. Georgia

34, Florida

35. North Carolina

36. Michigan

37, Rhode Island

38. Missouri

39. Nevada

40. South Carolina

41. Oklahoma

42. Indiana

43. Louisiana

44. Ohio

45. Alabama

46. Arkansas

47. Tennessee

48. Mississippi

49. Kentucky

50. West Virginia

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