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Migrating Sharks in Florida Force Beaches to Close

Sharks Close to Shore in Florida

Sharks were spotted off the coast of Palm Beach, closing down beaches just in time for Spring break arrival.

Sharks were the cause of three county beach closings on Wednesday after they were spotted near the shores of South Inlet in Boca Raton, Gulfstream Park near Boynton Beach and Ocean Reef in Singer Island, Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue Capt. Phil Wotton said.

Shark sightings aren't uncommon for Floria beaches and they are expected every year with their annual migration pattern. Usually, the shark migration starts and ends before the prime beach season, but not this year.

As a precaution, many beaches are on high alert, with double red flags waving. They are keeping vacationing swimmers out of the water, for now.

Once a shark appears near the shore, a lifeguard will close the beach and keep it closed until half hour after the last shark is spotted.

The sharks like to jump out of the water and typically ride the waves on the shore break, city of Riviera Beach lifeguard Eddie Green told the Palm Beach Post on Sunday.

Sharks in Florida

He added that the sharks stay about 10 to 15 yards offshore and are visible daily. "They’ve been here every day since December," Green said while working on Sunday at Ocean Reef Park. "They just like our beach for some reason."

FAU graduate student Shari Tellman told CBS Miami, "These sharks aren't a threat to humans in clear water. They are following the bait fish and as long as they can tell the difference between a human and bait fish it’s okay. When you get up further North where the water is a bit more turbid it’s not as easy to tell."

"The only real issue would be if the water's murky and there's case of mistaken identity, or a shark just bumps into you, because they have very rough skin. When they are together in a big group there's always the possibility of larger sharks being nearby, but there's only a small chance of any problem," Tellman says.

Steve Kaes, the training officer for the south district of county lifeguards says that so far, he's seen no sharks and "that’s great." He adds, "Once there’s more boat activity the sharks likely will get scared and come closer to shore."

Sharks Close Florida Beaches Thousands of Sharks

Beachgoers told to stay out of the water as tens of thousands of sharks are seen migrating along the Florida coast. Tens of thousands of sharks have been spotted along South Florida's coast, closing down beaches across the area and forcing swimmers out of the water.

Thousands of sharks close to shore shuts Florida beaches

Swimmers at Florida's Palm Beach have been kept out of the water for several days this week as thousands of sharks have been spotted in shallow waters close to the shoreline.

The huge shoal of sharks which has shut down beaches in Florida, is migrating up the east coast of the US to North Carolina.

Tens of thousands of the predators, mostly blacktip and spinner sharks, are moving north for their annual migration.

Researchers at Florida Atlantic University said they had counted about 15,000 sharks.

Experts said the sharks usually migrate earlier in the year during the winter. This year the migration is about a month later than expected.

Thousands of Sharks Shut Down Florida Beaches

15,000 sharks swarm Florida for spring break. The 15,000 blacktip and spinner sharks have hit Florida first, but they're starting to migrate up the East Coast. They're also pissing everyone off in the process, because they're swimming only 200 yards away from shore. Their inconsiderate actions are closing beaches, worrying lifeguards and terrifying swimmers up and down the strip.

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