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Chuck E Cheese Fight Between 18 Adults: One Shot and Three Arrested

Chuck E Cheese Fight

A young boy's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese in Boynton Beach, Florida turned into a 18 man brawl, in which lead to a gun shot to another person's leg.

Three people were arrested and a gunman is still on the loose after the fight broke out. A manager at the Chuck E Cheese restaurant told WPBF that two men exchanged words in the restroom during the party on Saturday.

Moments later, up to 18 men where exchanging fists in the main dining room. The birthday boy’s grandmother got thrown to the ground and then trampled.

The Chuck E Cheese fight was able to be steered out to the streets by employees. According to WPBF, at this point, some of the men drove to a nearby location on Sixth Avenue to continue the fight, when one man pulled out a gun and fired at a car, hitting 32-year-old Gregory Smith Jr, the passenger, in the leg. Thankfully, the injury was not life-threatening.

"We are proud of the swift action by our team to get those involved in the incident outside our store and away from other guests," Michelle Chism, spokeswoman for Chuck E. Cheese told the Sun-Sentinel, "but we are saddened to hear that incident continued in another area of the Boynton Beach community."

Three people were arrested on drug charges, including Briana Walker, the mother of the birthday boy.

Police say, Walker's purse contained part of a Xanax pill and a small amount of marijuana, and that someone had thrown packages out of the car containing marijuana, Xanax, crack cocaine and morphine.

Investigators, also found empty Patron tequila and Ciroc vodka hidden in a diaper bag left at Chuck E Cheese's when searching the scene.

Briana Walker, Robert Thompson and Alfred Peoples were also charged with "defrauding an innkeeper" for leaving the restaurant without paying the $286 bill.

Chuck E Cheese Fight

Two of the suspects, Walker and Thompson, were released Sunday after posting bond. Peoples remained in custody Monday in lieu of a $26,000 bond.

Authorities have made no arrested in the alleged gunman.

3 arrested after brawl at Chuck E Cheese's

Three people are arrested after a brawl during a children's party at Chuck E Cheese's in Boynton Beach.

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