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Miami Zombie Victim Pictures Released 1 Year Later [Video]

Miami Zombie Victim Pictures

Last year on May 26th, 2012 a homeless man was attacked by a man named Rudy Eugene at the MacArthur Causeway in Miami, Florida. At the time the 31 year old "Miami Zombie" attacker was thought to have been influenced by Bath Salts when he was chewing off the face of his victim. A medical report later revealed the only drug in the system of Mr. Eugene was marijuana. Police have stated that they suspect the Florida zombie had other types of undetectable drugs in his system. The attacker, Rudy Eugene was later shot by police after they could not subdue him. The homeless man who was attacked by Rudy Eugene was named Ronald Poppo. If you've been wondering what happened to the Miami Zombie victim, here's the update.

Ronald Poppo is 66 years old today and had asked his caretakers at Jackson Health System to update the public on his condition. The Facebook release from Jackson Memorial Perdue Medical Center said this about Ronald's current condition, "On May 26, 2012, Ronald Poppo was brought to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital after being attacked on the MacArthur Causeway. He spent nearly a month at Ryder, recovering from severe facial injuries, before being moved to Jackson Memorial Perdue Medical Center, a long-term care facility in Cutler Bay. Mr. Poppo, who is blind, remains at Perdue, where he is living happily and adjusting to his new life. In the past year, he has gained more than 50 pounds. He continues to work with an occupational therapist, who taught him how to dress himself, feed himself, shower and shave. He also was given a guitar, which he practices playing daily. He continues to see doctors at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center to treat his facial injuries."

Miami Zombie Victim After Surgery

At the very top of this article you can see the photo of Ronald Poppo before the attack, a photo after the attack once Mr. Poppo's face started to heal and the current state of Mr. Poppo's face. Also above you'll see a clear picture of what the Miami Zombie victim's face looks like after extensive reconstructive surgery and healing. Other photos of the Miami Zombie victim are below as he lives a content life in the hospital. A video of Ronald Poppo was released as well with him playing a guitar and saying, "People in my predicament need to be helped out, and I'm sure there's other people also that have the same type of predicament. I thank the outpouring of people contributing, I'll always be grateful for that."

Ronald Poppo Face

While Mr. Poppo seems fairly happy and thankful for all of the support and help he had with facial reconstruction surgery he still doesn't want to leave his room. The only people that see Ronald on a daily basis are his doctors and nurses. One of the nursing assistants named Patricia Copalko said, "He's a wonderful person, I couldn't ask for a better patient." Ronald Poppo has been told he can stay in the hospital as long as he wants. A past time of Mr. Poppo is listening to Miami Heat games and relearning to play the guitar. You can see the Miami Zombie victim play his guitar in the video released of him from the Jackson Health System.

A message from Ronald Poppo

Ronald Poppo: One Year Later (from Jackson Health System)

Cannibal Victim Ronald Poppo's Speaks About His Attack!

Chronically homeless and recently blinded, Ronald Poppo calmly told detectives about the sudden savage assault that cost him parts of his face.

A man in a green shirt came out of a car he had hitchhiked in, grousing about not being able to score on the beach. The man seemed friendly enough at first, Poppo said. The stranger went from being in a "glad mood" to singing the 1960s tune A Lover's Concerto and saying "you are going to be my wife." Then, Poppo said, he "turned vicious after a minute or two, and he started to rip me apart."

"He attacked me. He just ripped me to ribbons. He chewed up my face. He plucked out my eyes. Basically, that's all there is to say about it," Poppo told Miami investigators.

In a recorded interview with Miami police obtained and first reported by Miami Herald news partner CBS4, Poppo is heard for the first time describing the May 26 assault by a crazed assailant who "must have had a bad day at the beach." It was the attack that catapulted Poppo out of his anonymous life in the city's shadows onto the front pages of newspapers around the world.

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