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Taking YouTube to the Next Level: Charles Trippy Vlogs During Brain Surgery

Charles Trippy Brain Surgery

YouTube is the place you can see any type of video from music, news, funny, inspirational, short original videos, to people video blogging their everyday lives. For one Tampa, Florida man who holds The Guinness World Record for number of days vlogs that have been consecutively uploaded to YouTube, this means going the extra mile for his viewers. He vlogged himself having brain surgery.

Charles Trippy was rushed to the emergency room in February 2012 after he felt light-headed, passed out and had a seizure. He was on tour with the Florida based band We The Kings, in which he plays bass for. After a couple days in the hospital, doctors found a tumor in his brain that needed to be removed.

Charles Trippy Tumor

Charles Trippy explains why he was rushed to the emergency room and doctors find a tumor in his brain.

Charles Trippy First Brain Surgery

March 2012, Trippy has the brain tumor removed.

Fast forward to a year later, Charles Trippy continued to have seizures on and off. He visited top brain surgeons in Boston for a follow up. That's when they learned with the first brain surgery, doctors left the tiniest piece of the tumor, thinking it wouldn't be any problem. They didn't want to take a large piece of Trippy's brain because they didn't want to cause damage to his motor-skills, especially since he plays bass.

After a closer look, doctors found the littlest piece of the tumor and decided to remove it completely, but with the catch of him being awake during the surgery.

Rushed to the hospital

Charles Trippy has another seizure while out shopping with his wife, Alli. He was rushed to the hospital again and doctors decide to remove

Being a daily vlogger, Charles Trippy asked his doctors if he could vlog during the surgery since he has to be awake, they agreed to let him.

On September 17, 2013 Charles Trippy went in for his second brain surgery. The 29-year-old remained awake, but heavily sedated. He handed his camera to the doctor and was filmed while being operated on. He gave his viewers a thumbs up and when the doctors asked Mr Trippy to make some "Ozzy horns" with his hand he gives a surprisingly quick-witted answer, "We'll keep the devil hands out of here," he remarks.

The doctor then asks if he wants to say anything to the Mrs., Trippy says, "Hi honey - I love you. Everything's going great. My brain is open and you can see the TV remote isn't there like we thought."

Charles Trippy Surgery

Charles Trippy Brain Surgery, Again

Even after getting out of surgery, Charles Trippy was able to be just as witty and asks his wife how his hair looked and told her his head hurt.

Just Got Out Of Surgery

Charles Trippy is currently trying to obtain one million subscribers, a goal that recently was achieved by his friend, colleague and fellow daily vlogger, Shay Carl Butler of YouTube’s the “Shaytards.” “We better get a million subscribers on YouTube," said Trippy shortly after his brain surgery while discussing his channel's current 961,860 viewers. "If not the internet is broken” he quipped.


Internet Killed Television or CTFxC is a web series which documents the lives of Charles and Alli Trippy, and their dogs Zoey and Marley. Their YouTube videos consist of an average fifteen minute "episode" that is filmed, edited, and then published every day onto YouTube. The series was originally planned to last for only one year; however, after success and many views later, the couple decided to continue and are now on year five.

View Charles Trippy and his wife Alli’s daily videos at YouTube.com/CTFxC.

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  1. Get well soon Charles !!!
    CTFxC FTW !!! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Charles story! Love from the CTFxC family! <3

  3. Charles, the most dedicated youtuber

  4. Best wishes to you char
    Lots of love and prayer from canada and all around the world

  5. Ctfxc ftw

  6. Hi fellow brainiac! I hope this finds you doing as well as possible, but I know there are good days and not-so-good days; honestly, it usually depends on the hour for me LOL. After 26 surgeries the last few years, primarily brain and spine, I often get through the days by remembering what a gift it is to be here with my two young children and when a day is particularly rough, I know a new day is on the horizon and brings with it the hope of feeling better and being one step closer to a cure.

    Blessings to you and yours,
    Keesha aka Zipperhead
    daswunderkind at cox dot net

  7. Thank you so much for sharing his story.

    But most of all, thank you for actually doing your research and getting the facts straight. There are a lot of news sites who wrote about it, but didn't really look into it. Well, it felt that way. Again, I say thank you