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Budweiser Puppy Love Super Bowl Commercial Tells Friendship Story of Puppy and Horse

Budweiser SuperBowl Commercial

Budweiser never disappoints when it comes to Super bowl commercials and this years Puppy Love is no different. Anheuser-Busch has discovered that effective Super Bowl ads can be less about creating laughs, but more about pulling heartstrings.

Puppy Love is a sequel to last year's Superbowl commercial, “Brotherhood," which featured a baby Clydesdale horse. This year's commercial features a golden Labrador puppy that keeps coming back to the farm to visit his best bud, the Clydesdale.

While “Let Her Go” by Passenger plays, the puppy escapes from a shelter and wanders into a barn where he finds a Clydesdale horse. The horse’s owner returns the dog to the shelter, but the puppy keeps escaping and coming back to the barn to see his buddy.

Next scene was the puppy being loaded into the back seat of a car, but the horse jumps a fence and runs after the car. Then a team of Clydesdale’s block the road so the driver cannot take the puppy away. The puppy and the Clydesdale are reunited and you see them playing at the end of the Super bowl commercial.

Anheuser-Busch horse trainers spent three months working with 17 Clydesdale horses in preparation for this Superbowl commercial. They had to get every horses' skills just perfect, such as leaping over a fence. They also had to make sure the horses felt comfortable nuzzling noses with a puppy. Then there were the puppies they had to train. Eight puppies, all 10-weeks old when the commercial was shot.

The ad was directed by Jake Scott, son of director Ridley Scott. Jake Scott also directed last year's "Brotherhood" Budweiser Clydesdale ad.

Scott shot as many as 60 different scenes for the final "Puppy Love" commercial. The majority of the Budweiser commercial was shot at Ventura Farms in Thousand Oaks. New York ad agency Anomaly edited and developed the final ad.

Budweiser has their ad money figured out. Last week they revealed the commercial by posting it on YouTube. Within 24 hours of posting the Budweiser "Puppy Love" commercial on YouTube, it was viewed 17 million times. By Sunday morning, the commercial had been played 32 million times.

Budweiser's "Puppy Love" won USA Today's annual Super Bowl Ad Meter.

"Never mind that it aired with just two minutes left in a dog of a game," USA Today writes, the ad "about a spunky puppy who is adopted but keeps coming back home to the Clydesdale horse it loves" scored highest with the newspaper's online audience of 6,272 voters.

Budweiser Puppy Love Super Bowl Commercial

Watch Budweiser's Super Bowl XLVIII commercial following the special friendship between the Clydesdales and a puppy. #BestBuds

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  1. Really awesome. Really, really!!!

  2. The puppies in video were Fox Red Labs not golden