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Giant 8-Foot Octopus Wrestles Divers in California, Caught on Video

Giant 8-Foot Octopus

Thirty-four-year-old David Malvestuto and 56-year-old Warren Murray were diving off Bluefish Cove in Carmel, California on February 1st when they ran upon a rare giant 8-foot Pacific octopus.

At first, Murray thought it was a large rock, but saw a sudden movement out of the corner of his eye and moved towards it.  The massive octopus blended in perfectly with the rocky surroundings that made it nearly invisible at first to the divers.

Murray had the camera stretched out in front of him when suddenly the octopus sprouted up and wrapped his tentacles around the camera. The octopus opened its tentacles and wrapped completely around and even up Murray’s arms while trying to grab the camera.

The octopus got a pretty good hold on the camera and Murray said his biggest concern was the octopus may be able to break the fingers on his hand. But when Murray took pictures and the flash went off, the animal swam away.

"I wasn't too worried. Generally they are not too interested in people. They'll just take off," diver Warren Murray a professional scuba and underwater photography instructor told the Daily News. "I was thinking he would take off as soon as I got close to it. When he wasn't moving, I was excited. I was thinking (about that rule) in the back of my mind," he said. "I wanted to capture as many pictures as I could."

The divers were able to snap a few shots of the struggle before the giant octopus released its grip and disappeared back into the depths.

Murray said he thinks the octopus initially saw his reflection in his lens and thought there was another octopus.

“Pacific Octopus not a fan of being photographed apparently,” Malvestuto mused in the description for a video of the encounter uploaded to YouTube.

Giant Pacific octopuses are found along the coasts of the northern Pacific Ocean, from California all the way to the shores of Japan and China. The sea creature can reach up to 16 feet in length and weigh up to 110 pounds. According to National Geographic, the largest giant Pacific octopus ever encountered was 30 feet across and weighted over 600 pounds.

The Octopus Affair

Taken at Bluefish Cove in Carmel, CA. Pacific Octopus not a fan of being photographed apparently.

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  1. 8-foot octopus? I thought ALL octopuses has eight feet!

  2. Nice fluff story; but...............

    The plural of octopus is octopi.

    No excuse for using the wrong plural; my third graders know better.

  3. Good God ...eight feet must have put octopuses's parent's in the poor house buying all those shoes. Would have been even worse if each foot was a
    different size!!!!! 🙂