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Monster Spray Prescribed by Pharmacy to Kids Scared of Sleeping

Monster Spray Label

A pharmacy has found the cure for a 6-year old having troubles sleeping with fear of monsters in her bedroom.

Pharmacist Jeff Dodds and his daughter, Josslyn Dodds, are employees at Barrett Pharmacy in Watford City. They created the Monster Spray after a friend of another employee complained that her daughter couldn’t sleep because she was afraid of monsters, ABC News reported.

“I was telling her mom about this thing the pharmacy had done for another kid when I started working there. So I asked if she wanted me to write up the prescription,” Austin Johnson, a pharmacy technician at Barrett Pharmacy in Watford City, referring to the Monster Spray bottle.

Barrett Pharmacy in Watford City, North Dakota prescribed the special monster spray to the girl a few days before Christmas, Josslyn Dodds, the pharmacy's manager told the Daily News Tuesday.

“It’s 100 percent safe and it works amazingly,” Josslyn Dodds told ABC News after a photo of Monster Spray was posted to Facebook by a grateful parent and began going viral. “It really seems to get rid of the monsters.”

Josslyn Dodd told HuffPost that for the past five years or so, Barrett's has done this for a handful of children with similar fears.

“I had to put it in the prescription bottle. She wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t come from the pharmacy with the label," Johnson said.

The spray came with its own prescription and instructions. "Spray around the room at night before bed, repeat if necessary," the prescription reads.

The girl sprayed the prescribed Monster repellent for three nights before finally becoming convinced that she’d gotten rid of them.

The small bottle includes 120 sprays and the prescription allows for one refill.

A photo of the monster spray was posted on Facebook and has gone viral. Miss Dodd said all the attention has been “overwhelming” but positive, ABC News reported.

What is the recipe to the Monster Spray? "I'm not telling," Dodds said. "I don't want to say."

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