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Shark Sighting in Florida: Great White Shark Katherine Tracked by OCEARCH

Shark Sightings FloridaKatherine, the great white shark was spotted off the coast of Florida this past week. Katherine is just one of the several dozen sharks being tracked by the OCEARCH research team.

The 14 foot long great white shark has been making her way south since she was tagged by the OCEARCH team in Cape Cod last August,logging more than 3,622 miles.

The great white shark has remained just off Florida's east coast since May 4, 2014, swimming from Jacksonville south to Cocoa Beach, and then on to Port Saint Lucie on May 13.

Katherine was spotted 12 miles off the coast of Florida, raising some concerns among residents of Daytona Beach, and later Palm Bay and Vero Beach. But residents shouldn't be too worried, OCEARCH says they will let the Coast Guard know if she’s getting too close to the beaches.

According to the research team, this has been a slow shark year and Katharine is one of only a few sharks that made appearances during the cold season.

In fact, only 12 great white sightings were made off of Florida this past year, compared with an average of about 20.

Katherine is one of 47 sharks that have been tagged and are currently being tracked by OCEARCH. For the most part, these sharks appear to avoid drawing too close to the coasts, where commercial fishing and swimming occur. One of Katherine's fellow female great whites, Lydia, earlier this year became the first shark to be tracked crossing the Atlantic.

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