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Scuba Diver Jimmy Roseman Comes Face to Face with Great White Shark

Great White Shark Attack

Scuba diver Jimmy Roseman came face to face with a 12-foot great white shark while surveying the coral reefs at a depth of 90 feet just off the Atlantic Coast near Vero Beach, Florida.

All the action was caught on his GoPro camera that was mounted to his diver helmet.

The shark was at a distance when he took the dive but came close to Roseman really quickly.

The interaction lasted two minutes when finally Roseman's air tank was hit by the shark's fin. It was then that he used the spear gun to fend off the potentially deadly shark.

In the video it looks like the great white shark may have a baby with it.

Never does Roseman shot or injure the shark and both are left unharmed.

In a video interview with Fox 35, Roseman said, "I felt something hit me on the back and I then I seen the shark come over my head and swim off. He circled me...I had to poke him a few times. He wouldn't go away and then I finally jabbed him hard enough to where he left me long enough i could get to the surface and get out of there."

The great white shark is typically found in cold and warm-temperate waters throughout the world, although occurrences in tropical waters have been documented, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Research suggests that great whites migrate to Florida in a seasonal pattern with distribution limited by water temperature, food resources, or other factors.

Great White Shark Encounter

Jimmy Roseman of West Melbourne, FL has an encounter with a Great White Shark off of the coast of Florida at Bethel Shoals. Obviously, the beginning is computer generated, but the GoPro video is 100% raw.

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