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Baby Dolphin Rescued in Florida on July 4th

Baby Dolphin Rescued

A baby dolphin was rescued on the 4th of July by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) at Redington Beach.

The four-foot dolphin was found struggling in the surf and trying to get back into the ocean. Beach goers tried to help it get back into deeper water. However, they kept getting caught in the strong current.

They called for help, and when the FWC team arrived they secured the dolphin and transported him to a nearby van.

The dolphin will be staying at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium where it will receive a comprehensive health check.

Dolphins that get stranded are usually sick, and often may be dealing with some sort of infection, according to the Dolphin Communication Project.

Pneumonia is common among beached dolphins, as are parasites.

While weather and human activity can also be factors in dolphin strandings, incidents that involve multiple animals often have uncertain causes.

A video of the event was taken by Kati McCabe and posted on YouTube this weekend.

Baby Dolphin Rescued in Florida

Beachgoers Rescue Baby Dolphin Trapped in Shallow Surf

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