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Overland Park Google Fiber Deal Will Be Voted On Tonight At 7:30pm: Voted Yes

Johnson County Google Fiber Decision in 2014

You've obviously heard that Google has been running fiber to houses all throughout the Kansas City area for the last couple years. What you may not have known is that one of the wealthiest areas of KC was denied Google Fiber access because of a disagreement with city officials.

We'll post the Overland Park Google Fiber Decision LIVE HERE after it's released.

Overland Park unanimously approved Google Fiber to be installed in the entire city after the 7:30pm City Council meeting.

Residents within the Overland Park, KS city limits have been furious that they have been prevented access to Google Fiber over what seemed like pure politics. It was last year in September 2013 that everything seemed smooth sailing when some city council members started asking Google about liability issues. Google's answer? Get up and leave the city council meeting and teach them a lesson.

For many Overland Park residents tonight has been something they've been waiting for for a long time. The voting will take place once the Overpland Park City Council meeting starts at 7:30pm. The city hall meeting agenda for July 7th, 2014 puts the Google Fiber item under City Manager Bill Ebel as the "Network Hut License Agreement - Google Fiber Kansas, L.L.C."

One change that seems to have been made to the new contract is to allow competitors the same access as Google Fiber will be getting to the cities poles, conduits and attachments. If another provider gets better terms, Google Fiber will also be allowed to have the new improved terms as well. You can see the direct language on this change in MGR 1-2 on #7:

7. Most Favored Nations. Section 1.04 provides language that the City would not normally give to a third part in a contract. It says that if the City subsequently gives terms and conditions to other providers for attachment to poles or conduit which are more favorable to those other providers than what Google is getting in this document, the City will, under certain circumstances give those same terms and conditions to Google for future attachments or placements. Further, there is new language in this version of the Attachment Agreement that says that the City will make the rights in this document available to other network-based providers of internet access and multichannel video-programming services in a nondiscriminatory manner. The City found this language acceptable because it has no intention of discriminating against other providers in any manner.

There are definitely some changes throughout all the documents that will be referenced during the Agenda list tonight at the Overland Park City Council meeting. Most are in agreement though that much hasn't changed and residents could have had Google Fiber approved for their area nearly a year ago. Bill Ebel, the City Manager of Overland Park said, "Approval of both agreements is recommended" that will be on the table tonight.

If Google Fiber is approved for residents they will need to sign up for the fiberhoods to get in line for installation. Any information about how soon installation of fiber lines and hookups to houses will be has not been released.

If you're still asking the question, "Was Google Fiber approved for Overland Park" we will answer that question as soon as the information is released from City Hall in Overland Park, KS after the 7:30pm meeting tonight. Check back here for additions to the story. Feel free to leave comments if you know more to the story!

Google Fiber Overland Park City Council Agenda

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