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Samsung Gear Fit a usable & stylish smartwatch, shocking, I know

Samsung Gear Fit AT&TI don't know about you but I've seen all those Fitbit and Jawbone devices on people and one thing comes to mind, it looks a little uncomfortable and it also doesn't look like a watch. Where are the Dick Tracy fantasies we were sold as kids with a watch that was smart and useful. Well, I think I've finally got to play with a watch that comes close called the Samsung Gear Fit.

Now of course you can't talk into this watch and watch TV but it's pretty darn close. I've spent about a week and a half with the Samsung Gear Fit now and I'm actually very surprised. I was sure I'd find the smartwatch a nuisance and prefer to set it on my desk. What I have found is that slowly I've become more addicted to it's features and intelligence that helps me keep in touch with my health and my social alerts, emails, phone calls and schedules.

Gear Fit & Waking Up

The moment that I finally realized that the Samsung Gear Fit was working for me, instead of me working how to learn it was when I heard my alarm in the morning. I had went to bed with the Gear Fit on my wrist to track my sleep which is a nice feature. When my Samsung Galaxy S5's alarm went off as usual to my surprise the snooze and turn off alarm buttons were lit up on my watch and the Gear Fit was slowly vibrating my arm. No treacherous reaching about my head to pick up my phone, squint at it and try to slide the snooze in place, just a quick flip of my finger there you have it, snoozing away.

S Health & Gear Fit

The integration with Samsung's S Health really made the features on the phone more useful as I can track how many steps I'm at all day. I work in an office so every step counts when you're in your thirties. The one thing I wish the S Health & Samsung Gear Fit had in the workout department was options for working out in the yard, working in the garden or things like that. Doing the exercise tracker doesn't really work for working in the garden and I think I burn more calories than most doing just that.

Driving Down The Road with Gear Fit

Another thing I've found that has made my life safer because of the Samsung Gear Fit is driving down the road. Don't text and drive, right? Well, I don't know about you but I certainly don't follow the rules of looking at my phone for phone calls, texts and even sometimes alerts that come into my phone when I'm driving. Now? I just turn my wrist towards me from the steering wheel and I can read everything that is going on quickly and easily. Even though I don't scroll through all of my notifications, read full emails or even sometimes read a full text, I still know whether it's important enough or not to look into it further.

The notifications are pretty robust with allowing you to select things like Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, you name it, you can pretty much add your digital life to your wrist.

Leave Your Phone Behind? Proximity Features!

I ran into an unintended feature by accident one day when I got up to go to the restroom at work. I was walking down the hallway and got far enough from my phone that the Gear Fit gave me a vibration and told me bluetooth was disconnected. What's this? A feature to tell me I've left my phone behind somewhere. Perfect! In addition to this, I found something else recently that my wife loves, the "Find My Device" option which makes my phone sound like it's ringing.

I seriously didn't think I'd become a believer in these wearable devices and thought, "Why would I need this, I have my phone and it's right by me." It's a shortcut to your phone's information and if you work out this smartwatch is waterproof and rugged while still looking sleek. I will warn you though, there was one day where I lost it in the garden and it was a bit of a panic attack. At that point I was wishing for a, "Find my Gear Fit" option on the Samsung S5. If you want to check these out, I know that AT&T has them in stock and ready to pair up with a long list of Samsung devices. Just try it out, before you know it, you'll be wanting one of these smartwatches too.

Stylish Head Turner

One last thing, when I was out lighting off fireworks with the Samsung Gear Fit on my wrist, I got nothing but compliments. Everyone was curious what it was, how it worked and if I liked it. This was impressive because some of the people that were interested were not very into technology and would normally give me a hard time. It seems that the time is right for wearables, now you know!

Samsung Gear Fit Introduction Video

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