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Garth Brooks Comes Out of Retirement: Announces Tour, New Record Deal and Digital Sales

Garth is Back

Garth Brooks is coming out of retirement and returning with a new record deal with Sony Music, a world tour and digital sales.

In a press conference Thursday morning, Garth Brooks made the announcement that he will announce dates for his new 2014 tour on Monday, July 14. Brooks said he promised a boy named Andy that he would be the first person to know the opening town of his tour and Brooks plans to call Andy on July 14.

"What he does with that information is up to him," Brooks said. "We will make our announcement (soon after)."

"Scared? Yes. Old? Yes," Brooks joked. "My bigger hope is that I don't regret this day." He didn't offer a timeline for releasing a new album, but "sometime around Black Friday is where we usually do our thing." A new single could arrive "sometime in the next two months," he said.

"The new record, I think, is what we would traditionally think of as a double album, just because there's a lot to say," Brooks said. Most of the material is from outside songwriters. "You just make them yours."

He teased that one song on the new album "might very well have taken the place of The Dance for me as my favorite song ever."

For years, Garth has refused to release his music digitally, but that's coming to an end. During the live press conference, Brooks said his fans will be able to download his songs on his website in the coming two-three weeks.

“People who have waited should be rewarded,” Brooks said. "It's a cool form. When you do it right, we'll all succeed."

Brooks suggested that the digital sales would be competitively priced. Some people "might think I'm giving it away, but I'm not." But it'll be "at a stupid price."

None of his sales numbers have included downloads, that is up until now. Brooks has been the biggest digital holdout, declining to make his music available at iTunes or other digital outlets because he didn't want to break his albums into individual tracks.

Brooks also revealed his recently cancelled five concerts in Dublin, Ireland's Croke Park Stadium are still in question. More than 400,000 fans had purchased tickets to Garth Brooks' five concerts. He said 75% of the 400,000 tickets already sold were purchased by ticket buyers ages 25 and under.

"You're not one-billionth as sad as I am," Brooks said. "I'm the loser in this."

Two shows were initially shut down due to a permits issue and Brooks says if he can't play all five shows he won't play any.

He began today's press conference saying it was a "day of joy" but he had been "under a cloud" the last 10 days.

Garth Brooks Press Conference Announcing New Tour and Discusses Ireland Concerts

At a major press conference in Nashville on Thursday, he announced his new record deal with Sony and details of his comeback world tour- but he was unable to avoid the debacle regarding his Croke Park gigs.

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