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Man Arrested for Leaving Son in Hot Car While Working at Furniture Store

Hamid Ahmad Nike Mohammad Ahmadzada

Sheriff's officials in Florida say Hamid Ahmad Nike Mohammad Ahmadzada, 49-years old, faces child neglect charges after leaving his 7-year-old son inside a car.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the man's 7-year-old son was inside a shaded car with all four widows partially down while he cleaned an Atlantic Boulevard furniture store.

A woman saw the boy inside the car before she went into the American Signature Furniture store. She was inside the store for about 20 minutes and called police after leaving the store and saw the boy was still alone inside the car.

When police arrived about 11:20 a.m., the 7-year-old was lying in the front passenger seat of the car. The vehicle was parked under a tree and had some shade, the report said.

The temperature outside the store was 88 degrees, police said.

The boy was not in distress, the report said.

The boy told officers his father was inside the furniture store, but was unable to communicate much because he spoke limited English.

Ahmadzada works for a company that cleans the furniture store. According to the arrest report, he arrived at the store about 10:35 alone.

Police attempted to interview Ahmadzada, but he speaks limited English. When a translator advised him of his constitutional rights, he told police he wants to speak with an attorney, but it wasn't known whether he's hired one.

Ahmadzada was arrested and booked into the Duval County jail. A bond has yet to be set, according to jail records. He remained in jail Monday morning.

The manager of the furniture store told police there is an air-conditioned break room where the child could have waited while his father was cleaning.

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  1. I'm not saying leaving your kid in a car is right. However, what employer is going to let you bring your kid to work? Sucks to be the working poor around here.