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Where to See Garth Brooks in Concert First in 2014 Tour

Garth Brooks Tour Dates 2014

Today is the day for Andy Roberts of Gainesville, Georgia to decide what he wants to do with the 2014 Tour dates Garth Brooks promised to announce to him via phone call.

Andy Roberts got the surprise of his life back in January, when he and a friend went to Brooks' concert in Las Vegas. He was one of several audience members picked by the singer to ask a question, and he asked what the first location of Brooks' upcoming tour would be.

Brooks told him that he couldn't say just yet, but promised Roberts would be the first to know. The Brook's management team got Roberts' telephone number that night, but months went by and nothing happened. Until July 10, when Brooks held a press conference and said he'd be announcing his first tour date on Monday, July 14 with a phone call to "Andy from Atlanta."

"I had no clue he was going to do it," Roberts said. "My phone hasn't stopped ringing since."

Roberts has been a fan of Garth Brooks since middle school, but had never attended a concert before the one in January in Las Vegas.

He said he plans to attend the first date of Brooks' world tour with his wife if it's somewhere in the United States, but the only catch is, she's pregnant with their third child, so it will depend on the timing of the upcoming tour.

Garth Brooks says he's setting out to top himself with his new presentation.

Garth said, “I want people walking out of these arenas going, ‘Best show I’ve ever seen. That thumped harder than any rap show I’ve been to. It was louder. It was more chaotic. It was just stupid.’ That’s what I want to hear.”

Garth will be bringing his wife, Trisha Yearwood, along to perform on the world tour.

On Monday, July 14, 2014 when Andy Roberts got the phone call from Garth Brooks, he decided to announce the tour dates to everyone before Garth Brooks makes the official announcement on Tuesday, July 15.

Garth Brooks Tour Dates 2014:

Garth is a man of his word, and has called to let Andy know…the first stop of his world tour will be ...


The rest of the 2014 tour dates will be announced tomorrow via Garth Brooks.

Update (July 15, 2014):

Garth Brooks will play in Chicago September 4, 2014. Show time is 7:30 p.m. at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL.

“As an entertainer, you get asked a lot ‘what are the best cities to play?’ Without hesitation, I rattle five or six of the best places to play and that list ALWAYS includes Chicago. It is the PERFECT city to launch the World Tour!” said Garth Brooks.

It will be the first time Brooks has played the Windy City in 17 years.

Tickets will go on sale 10 a.m. Friday, July 25 through Ticketmaster at www.ticketmaster.com, 1-800-745-3000. There is six ticket limit per purchase. There will be no sales at the venue box office or brick and mortar Ticketmaster locations on July 25th.

Tickets prices are $56.94 plus $2.56 tax plus $6.00 service charges, totaling $65.50.

More cities and dates will be announced at a later date.

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2 Responses »

  1. Hi would it be possible to get tickets for 1 of Garth brooks tour dates . Me and 5 of my friends queued for 5 days in Dungannon to secure our tickets to see the man himself . I was the 1st person in the whole of Ireland to queue we got a lot of media attention via radio newspapers and TV we were invited on thr Late Late Show to share our experience , now all 5 concerts are cancelled we are devastated to say the least , we are prepared to travel to see our idol to anywhere in the world we don't blame Garth at all n personally I am disgusted at the way that this gentleman was treated ! Can someone please help us see our dreams come true ,,

  2. My heart is broken , been through the highs of getting my tickets for Garth's come back concerts, had tickets for the Sunday night and the Tuesday night and counted my self as the luckiest person in Ireland I had my tickets ,I am a resident in the croke park area so I was so looking forward to listening to the other 3 concerts from my back garden I had seen Garth 17 years ago in croke park and I have said then and will always say it was the best concert I have ever been to In my life so 17 years later I was about to live that night all over again but my world collapsed !!! Been through the worst two weeks of my life ,I just can't believe what has happened , why it has happened , I just want to wake up from this bad dream . So close but yet so far away . I understand why Garth has done what he did , and we as his fans will always understand this but as for our stupid system here they have left 400,001 fans devastated ,I wait with breathed breath for the tour to be publicised in the hopes that it will come close enough that I can get to see Garth play again and wear my croke park Garth brooks 2014 teeshirt and my Stetson and sing my heart out with the man himself , me and Garth do the housework every weekend in my house and if some of the residences here complained about him singing for 5 days he will sing in my kitchen forever as loud as he can on my stereo ,
    Please can u keep me informed of his tour as I would give my right arm to relive that night of 17 years ago again . I'm not asking for free tickets I would be proud to pay to see the man again,
    But I am asking for an opportunity to be able to buy some tickets for one night of his tour . I wish to apologise for the way Ireland has treated Garth ,this should never have happened so I am truly sorry ,.
    I live in hope to catch up with Garth on this world tour somewhere .
    Just remind him that 400.000 fans here still love him
    Sandra Fitzgerald