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Westbound I-70 Backing Up After Mike Brown Protests In Ferguson, MO

Westbound I-70 Traffic

The police of Ferguson, MO a suburb of St. Louis had prepared for today's planned protest that aimed to shutdown I-70 as it passed through Ferguson, MO. The protest was planned for 3:00pm and started to show effects as the cars on Interstate 70 started to slow to a hault. The intersection that the protest was effecting was Hanley Road.

The protesters are looking for the officer who is accused of shooting Mike Brown to be officially charged and want Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to appoint a new prosecutor to the case. Other aims of the protest were said to be community engagement, getting citizens to register to vote, creation of civilian review boards to monitor police & protests of police brutality.

The organizer of the protest was Eric Vickers who is a St. Louis Lawyer. “We are taking this direct action on the 10th because we are using the means of civil disobedience that Dr. Martin Luther King used to effect change,” Vickers said in news conference Monday outside the St. Louis County Justice Center. “It is going to cause people some discomfort. It is going to cause inconvenience to people. That is a small price to pay to change the conditions of African-American youth, and it’s a very small price to pay to bring justice to Michael Brown.”

Police had said they plan to protest anyone attempting to block the flow of traffic and keep things orderly. People viewing the disturbance have noted they see arrests taking place as the traffic has started to grind to a halt on I-70.

“It’s against the law to block the interstate like that, everyone knows that,” says Sgt. Al Nothum. “That’s not a deep, dark secret. You just can’t stop on the interstate and purposely block it.”

The hashtags many are using are #MikeBrown, #Ferguson, #MichaelBrown, #StLouis among others. One user released a Vine video that shows the highway backing up on I-70:

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