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Scotland Vote Rigging Possible As Reports Leak Out

Scotland Vote RiggingWhile headlines across the world tell the story of Scotland voting against independence from the United Kingdom, other reports suggest that voter fraud could be a problem in this historic vote. There have been continued releases of instances where rigging the votes were being done with different methods.

One report is being investigated by police in Glasgow Scotland. It was reported on Yahoo News that election officials have confirmed that police had been called for an investigation after evidence shows that there were at least 10 occurrences where electoral fraud took place in Glasgow. The main problem says that when people showed up to vote for Scottish freedom from the UK the voter's names were already crossed off the list as people that had already voted.

This type of rigged voting is typically called personation where someone impersonates another voter and votes before the person arrives at the poll station. Colin Edgar from Glasgow City Council was quoted as saying, "Somebody turned up to vote, they gave their name, the presiding officer went to cross off their name on their list of voters to give them a ballot paper and found that their name had already been crossed off and a ballot paper already issued to somebody who apparently had the same name."

The investigation will take the ballots that were submitted from duplicate voters and be put in a secure location throughout the night so they can be tested for fingerprints. Police have claimed they will use gloves to handle all of the ballots and paper that was involved in the vote rigging scheme. If the police find that this truly was a case of personation, the votes that were duplicated will be invalid. The votes from the voters that already were marked off the list of voters will not be counted until the investigation can prove whether this is fraud or not.

These are not the only cases of voter fraud however and others are sharing their stories and accounts of Scotland vote rigging and fraud on YouTube and other social media outlets.

This following video is titled, "Scotland Independence vote rigging exposed - Smoking Gun Evidence of vote being rigged!" In the video you can see the ballot papers that say, "Should Scotland be an Independent Country" with a simple Yes or No checkbox. In the video a woman is seen switching the pile of YES votes and shifting them into the NO pile of votes. It was assumed that this was changing the counts as people were still voting that they wanted Scotland to gain freedom from the United Kingdom.

Another instance shows that piles of votes on a table marked NO votes there were ballots on top that clearly had the YES box checked.

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  1. I watched this footage live last night. This is the same table they had spoken about moments before with another journalist and she clearly stated "don't get worried if you're a yes voter - they haven't moved the bundles yet". In other words, they were sorted and not moved to the yes table yet! For heavens sake it's on the tv. That btw is not smoking gun evidence - it's SORTING - it's her job!!!!!!!!!! Will people stop - democracy won out!! And what happened about the alleged proper rigging that took place? Why is no-one talking about that? I think it was Glasgow where people turned up to vote to find that their name was scratched from the list already. Police came and took the votes, did great due diligence on it - however, I'd love to know the outcome of their investigation.

  2. Yes for No ??!!! Another proof !!

    …: http://youtu.be/kUR-HgAtwtg

  3. It sickens me that we are given the chance too choose but tricked in to thinking that the vote would be fair ! The whole referendom should be taken again and re done ! With cameras etc so no dirty scoundrel slips thru the hoop !

  4. Of course the vote was rigged. That is why they did not dare allow exit polling!

    • Of course it was rigged. And to Catherine: Do you believe everything they tell you on TV? Stop watching bloody mainstream media outlets and start thinking for yerselves people. I live in the USA, we have seen this over and over again to the point where turn-out is at an all time low. Vote?! Why!? Same BS different suit. However, here it is done much better than the way the UK tried all the fancy tricks. The "NO THANKS" campaign had non-sensible advertisements with little sway power. Streets were filled with "yessers" and video taping the count was a BIG mistake. This is why this is not done here. And Mr. Rivero makes a brilliant observation, no exit polls...WTF?

    • It also seems a bit suspicious how Betfair already paid out on No votes the day before the referendum... hmmm... as if they knew that it was already going to go that way even though the polls were so close. I presume in 2017 if the Conservatives get in again we'll have another "referendum" that will most probably show we want to stay in Europe - I'd probably get betting on that one now already and make a fortune!

  5. I was afraid they would use voter fraud they use it here in the states, heck we have a president who won by using it.The will of the people is being circumvented for the elites who are determined for a one world government. There is nothing more insidious than these cretins using vote fraud to win. Scotland I'd say go for a new vote and make sure everything is put on cameras and you can see the yes votes and no votes so everything can be checked and check the absentee ballots that is where the biggest amount of vote fraud takes place. I read they sent three, four year old ballots in your country. That way the people who knew they got them could vote for them as well. Nonsense to these elites. May no good ever come to them for their evil.

  6. This is a load of rubbish and lazy journalism.

    The papers were put on the table before being sorted. There was also no votes on the yes tables.

    As for Glasgow that was one of the few areas that actually voted yes.

    If Alex Salmond believed there was anything into the story why would he admit defeat and resign.

  7. this is sickening!
    i live in Portugal and i am SURE this kind of thing is done in ALL countries to favour the ELITES interests!

    The act of voting is just a facade so people think they chose their fate! Europe is rotten!

    i fear this will be hidden from main media or someone will discredit the video!

    you can Clearly see the MAIN NO pile with YES bulletins!

    who do you think the Police Works? police wont do crap and will discredit all of this! Scotland is doomed to serve UK dark interests!

    Please all of you share this video! i already putted in facebook

    Another clean voting is needed!

  8. Michael

    Please stop posting nonsense. It's not illegal to have exit polling. Pollsters didn't bother as an exit poll doesn't mean much when you are going to have the real result a few hours later and they had already spent a lot of money anyway on polls. Go read the information on UK polling report site and inform yourself.

    As for those claiming there was vote rigging by those handling ballot papers I would suggest they shut up before those individuals in these videos decide to sue the pants off them. It's quite clear to me that for example the lady in the video is sorting papers, and this the view someone who has actually been to a poll count in the UK. as opposed to some fantasist posting from half way round the world with nothing else to do.

  9. And one other thing..... - Im a yes supporter and accept the result fair and square.. I just get very annoyed at the nothing else to do internet types who take it upon themselves to spread utter nonsense.

    Please be quiet about your fanciful wide spread vote rigging fantasies: there is precisely one incident being investigated by the Scottish police which has nothing to do with the vote count itself.

    If you think you are somehow contributing to the very serious political debate being held in the UK I suggest you get an education first instead of spending your days on YouTube.

  10. What I don't understand is on the night it was stated 90 something percent off Scottish people had turned out to vote yet by morning it had dropped to 85 percent now deny this was not a rigged vote!! So much for democracy they even cheated us out off a fair vote!!