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Iphone 6 Bending Video Sends Apple Fans In Frenzy #Bendgate

iPhone 6 Bending Video

A lot of people stood in lines for hours just to get their hands on the new iPhone 6. When they got to the counter, there was one decision to make, do you want an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus which is larger by .8 inches in size. For those that chose the iPhone 6 Plus they might end up with something no one wants to deal with, a bent iPhone. If you find yourself asking will the iPhone 6 Plus bend? The quick answer is absolutely yes, watch the video below!

After a lot of chatter on social media and tech review outlets started saying that people were reporting that their iPhone 6 was bending while in their pockets. A YouTube user named Lou at Unbox Therapy decided to do the "Official iPhone 6 Bend Test" video to figure whether the iPhone 6 is really bending or not.

Lou from Unbox Therapy was even more interested in doing the bend test because he had noticed a slight dent or bend in the iPhone's aluminum case that showed some signs of bending.

If you watch the iPhone 6 Plus bending video you'll see that Lou is able to take his fingers and press on the phone and literally bend the aluminum so that it has quite a bend right around where the volume buttons are located. A lot of people are noticing their iPhones are bending at this area but there are pictures and reports of all other types of bends and dents in the iPhone.

Places like The Guadian are producing guides on how to pocket the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to keep from bending the iPhone's case. Most people recommend not sitting down while the iPhone is in your pocket whether it is in your front pocket or your back pocket.

People have now even started calling the Apple iPhone bending issue #bendgate to put a name to the scandal. The stock price of Apple didn't take a hit when iPhone bending rumors started spreading in social media. The famous 9to5mac.com website even did a poll that asked Apple users, "Does the malleability [bending] of Apple's iPhone 6/Plus concern you?" The results were surprising, most people said no shut up. We've included a screenshot of the current results below:

iPhone Bending Poll

Could this be an issue of style? A lot of people are making fun of the bending issues with the iPhone saying it's the cause of people wearing skinny jeans, being too fat by sitting on their phones or just wear tight jeans altogether. Do you think that changing the type of jeans you wear would help the iPhone bending issue?

We've included the iPhone 6 Bending Test Video below here:

Here is what other people are saying about the iPhone 6 bending on Twitter:

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