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Cyber Monday 4K 2160p UHD TV Deals in 2014

Cyber Monday 4K Deals

At this point pretty much everyone you know has some type of HDTV that is most likely either a 1080p or 720p. It's a standard flatscreen that most people are buying in LED but used to be Plasma in the good old days. Two years ago at CES 2012 people like Samsung brought in their 4K Ultra High Definition models that were 70" inches and sporting that crazy 4K UHD. This was really the moment that ushered in the 4K UHD TV but at that time the prices were prohibitive and nearly insane.

In 2013 at CES companies like Sony showed off their Barvia XBR 900 LED 55" and 65" 4K UHD TV sets with prices that beat the 2012 year price of $25,000. Still no matter where these prices ended up no average consumer was going to touch these TVs no matter how much it looked like water was dripping off of them from a river rafting scene being shown on the set. Shipments of 4K TVs have jumped up to 500 percent last quarter according to CNET and that is good news for you because the supply of them in the market is flush and companies want this in your home showing off maximum pixels.

2014 is the year of the affordable 4K UHD and most stores have a model you can pick up for around $800 - $1,500.

Amazon.com Cyber Monday 4K TV Sale

You can grab a good 4K UHD TV from old faithful in the ecommerce business, Amazon. They'll be offering up an LG 49 inch Smart 4K Ultra High-Definition LED TV for the price of $999 with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. This puts this TV in most US consumers affordable range and the model looks like it's producing raving reviews on Amazon.

Amazon will also have the Samsung UN55HU6840 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV on sale which is going for $997.99 with Prime shipping. The only catch to this TV is it will be running at 60Hz so you'll have to decide if this is your entry into the market.

Walmart.com will be offering a Cyber Monday 4K TV

This model will be for the Samsung 55 inch 4K Ultra HD 240Hz LED TV for $998 which is an absolute bargain considering you're getthing the 240Hz version. You'll have to catch Walmart's Cyber Monday release time just right because everyone is going to be clamoring over this deal.

BestBuy.com and In Store 4K UHD Deals

Best Buy will be offer the Samsung model for their Ultra High Def TV models featuring the hot new 4K technology this year. Both models that are at screaming prices are Curved designs which ads an even more immersive experience. The first model is the Samsung 55" LED Curved 2160p Smart TV 4k Ultra HD TV in Black that is priced at $1,299.99 and is running with 4.7 stars out of 5 in reviews. The next Samsung model is essentially the same as the 55 inch with a different model # of UN65HU7250FXZA and it is 10 inches larger at 65" showing everything in crystal clear UHD. The price for Best Buy's 65" 4K TV is $1,999.99.

Either way you go, you'll be able to grab a bargain if you're ready to jump into the 4K TV game and get your living room showing more pixels on that screen. You'll be glad you know that right out of the gate places like Netflix are already offering 4K Streaming options to give you stuff to sink you teeth and eyeballs into as soon as you plug in your TV for Christmas!

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