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Ring Security Camera Catches Another Package Thief in Jacksonville, FL

It's becoming more and more common that police are turning to residents to see if they have any footage of crimes as they're reported. As more residents across the US install their own security cameras it's taking a bite out of crime while evidence is easier to obtain. A suspect was taking packages during the day directly from porches and this time a person living in Northside Jacksonville, Florida had the footage to give to police. While the person with the Ring security camera wasn't the victim of package theft this Christmas season, she noticed that her neighbor was.

Quickly reporting the incident to police they matched it up with stolen package reports and were able to identify the man. Due to the quality of the camera footage, it was easy enough for the police to indentify the man and press charges. While the person that reported the man wanted to stay anonymous they said, "He really picked the wrong house to steal from because my friends and I have all been praying for him. That’s just the way it goes."

It was Amazon deliveries that had been sitting on the porch of the victim with what was reported to be dog toys. These days with Amazon, users can track their packages in almost realtime to their door and know how long it is sitting there. Others are recommended to add to their security by adding doorbell cameras or other surveillance. Consumers can also have their packages delivered to safe locations that will keep your packages until you can pick them up.

A newer trend is to have a reinforced steel package mailbox that can be accessed by Amazon Delivery personnel when they get to your home. These safe delivery boxes also have keys that are accessible to FedEx, UPS and USPS delivery employees. With increased packaged delivery during Christmas, you have to take all the precautions you can to keep from being the next package theft victim.

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