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Iphone 6 Bending Video Sends Apple Fans In Frenzy #Bendgate(Comments Off on Iphone 6 Bending Video Sends Apple Fans In Frenzy #Bendgate)

September 24, 2014

A lot of people stood in lines for hours just to get their hands on the new iPhone 6. When they got to the counter, there was one decision to make, do you want an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus which is larger by .8 inches in size. For those that chose the […]

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New Years Eve 2014 Free Taxi Rides With Phone Numbers

In years past it has been more popular to have free taxi service for people that have had too many drinks on New Years Eve. Comparing to the previous years we have seen a reduction in free taxi rides for drunk customers that need a safe ride home. Regardless, some taxi services are still offering […]

Winning Mega Millions Numbers For $636 Million Lottery Are 08 20 14 17 39 MB 07

The Mega Millions number drawing has come and gone which took place at it’s specified time of 11:00pm EST / 10:00pm CST in the United States. This total jackpot payout has risen to the 2nd highest lottery payout in history and whether you know it or not, there is actually a reason behind it all. […]

Z Pack Warning Released by FDA about Popular Antibiotic

If you’ve been to the doctor in the last 10 years for a sinus infection, you’ve probably ran across the brand name, “Z Pack.” This wonder antibiotic licensed and sold by Pfizer has become so well-known that doctors often find patients asking for a Z Pack by name. The antibiotic drug is also well known […]

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