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Holiday Humor: Alternative Christmas Hits…(Comments Off on Holiday Humor: Alternative Christmas Hits…)

December 13, 2010

As an observer of the political scene I’ve come to appreciate the many unique personalities that inhabit Washington…

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Five Good Reasons to Vote Against ‘Hometown Democracy’

Shortly before his death more than two decades ago, John D. McDonald, the mystery writer…

Robin Lumb: Why Charlie Can’t Win as an Independent

Spurred on by the debate over the teacher merit pay plan – Senate Bill 6 – I started writing a series of columns on education reform about three and half weeks ago. When Charlie Crist vetoed the legislation, I put those columns aside and began to write about the rampant speculation that Crist would use […]

Robin Lumb: Repealing the Democrat Health Care Bill

Although “Deem and Pass” never actually came to pass in last Sunday’s 219-212 vote to undue American prosperity, the concept of deeming to pass a bill without actually passing it did capture the nation’s attention long enough to remind us once again of the perfidy and deceit that lurks in the heart of the legislative […]

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