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Final Thoughts on a Positive Experience(1)

March 31, 2011

  Well, that was fun. Back about six months or so ago, I announced that I had chosen so seek a seat on the Jacksonville City Council.  And I chose an enormous mountain to climb in the process… challenging a well-known incumbent in a county-wide race. We now know how that turned out.  John Crescimbeni will […]

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A Good Night to be a Republican

It was just two years ago that the punditocracy was writing obituaries for the Republican party. And indeed, the GOP was in disarray. Democrats held solid majorities in the House and Senate, and had just won the White House. Tuesday night, the pendulum began to swing back, and in the U.S. House of Representatives, it […]

Inside Jacksonville’s Old Ford Plant

For years, driving across the Matthews Bridge, I’d look down at the old Ford assembly plant and think about what a great location it has on the river, and wondered how it appeared inside. The photographer in me had always wanted to have an opportunity to shoot inside the plant. I had that chance on […]

Bringing Things Into Perspective

I recently met someone who had a very compelling story to tell, and in some ways could be considered a metaphor for today’s economy…

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